Sunday, November 15, 2009

Greeneville Astros: Kyle Miller

Kyle Miller
How did he get here?: Drafted, 21st Round (2007)
Stats: 6'1", 200 lbs, Bats: Right Throws: Right
Age as of April 1, 2010: 23

Season line:
Lexington: 32 games, 100 PAs. 20x94 - .213/.260/.340 - 8XBH-10RBI. 38K:5BB
Greeneville: 35 games, 129 PAs. 27x118 - .229/.287/.322 - 11XBH-5RBI. 31K:9BB

Only the Greeneville splits are shown.

vs. LHP (23ABs): .217/.296/.304, 10K:3BB, 2XBH-3RBI
vs. RHP (95ABs): .232/.284/.326, 21K:6BB, 9XBH-2RBI

Home (71ABs): .225/.273/.324, 16K:5BB, 7XBH-4RBI
Away (47ABs): .234/.308/.319, 15K:4BB, 4XBH-1RBI

Bases Empty (59ABs): .288/.354/.441, 14K:5BB, 9XBH-0RBI
Runners on (59ABs): .169/.219/.203, 17K:4BB, 2XBH-5RBI
w/RISP (36ABs): .139/.179/.194, 14K:2BB, 2XBH-5RBI

July (47ABs): .170/.235/.255, 13K:4BB, 4XBH-2RBI
August (67ABs): .254/.311/.358, 17K:5BB, 7XBH-3RBI
September (4ABs): .500/.500/.500, 1K:0BB, 0XBH-0RBI

Season Total
K/PA rate: 30.1%
XBH/H rate: 40.4%
K:BB ratio: 4.93

Miller spent 27 games at 1B between Lexington/Greeneville, 10 at 3B, and 25 at DH. He made 3 errors in 223 chances at 1B for a .987 Fld%, and 4 errors in 24 chances at 3B for an .833 Fld%.

All of Miller's extra-base hits were doubles, but as you can see, he strikes out quite a bit. He had a pretty rough first month in Greeneville after getting sent down from Lexington on July 6. Miller ended the season on a tear, though, hitting .394/.429/.576 in his last ten games, striking out six times in 33 ABs (down from his season average).

2009 was Miller's third season in the Astros' organization, hitting .234/.291/.376 in Greeneville in 2007, and .247/.301/.426 between Greeneville and Lexington in 2007. Interestingly enough, Miller posted the same 69:14 K:BB rate in 2008 as he did in 2009.