Tuesday, November 3, 2009

GCL Astros - Rafael Luna

Like Pio, reliever Rafael Luna got into 17 games in 2009. But he didn't fare as well...

Rafael Luna
How did he get here?: Signed contract prior to 2007 season
Stats: 6'6", 175 lbs, Throws: Lefty
Age as of April 1, 2010: 20

Season line: 0-3, 30.2IP, 5.87 ERA/2.02 WHIP, 24K:21BB, .325 BAA, 2HR


vs. LHB (4.2IP): 3.86 ERA/1.71 WHIP, 5K:1BB, .318 BAA
vs. RHB (26IP): 6.23 ERA/2.08 WHIP, 19K:20BB, .327 BAA

Home (13.2IP): 3.29 ERA/1.61 WHIP, 8K:8BB, .264 BAA
Away (17IP): 7.94 ERA/2.35 WHIP, 16K:13BB, .370 BAA

Bases Empty (13IP): 1.69 WHIP, 12K:9BB, .232 BAA
Runners on (17.2IP): 2.26 WHIP, 12K:12BB, .400 BAA
w/RISP (12.2IP): 2.45 WHIP, 8K:10BB, .429 BAA

June (3 games, 5IP): 3.60 ERA/2.60 WHIP, 4K:5BB, .364 BAA
July (7 games, 12IP): 7.50 ERA/2.33 WHIP, 9K:9BB, .352 BAA
August (7 games, 13.2IP): 5.27 ERA/1.54 WHIP, 11K:7BB, .280 BAA

K/9 Rate: 7.0
BB/9 Rate: 6.2
Groundout/Flyout Rate: 0.88
K:BB Ratio: 1.14

Obviously the walks are a problem for Luna, as well as the hits. So that's a problem for a reliever. And it only gets worse as the situation intensifies (.232 BAA with the bases empty, .400 with runners on). However, there is room for encouragement, as in August Luna posted his first right-side-up K:BB ratio, a WHIP under 2.00, and a BAA under .300.

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