Friday, November 6, 2009

Astros were open to playing Miggs at 3B in 2009

Earlier this evening, we learned from Brian McTaggart that, in addition to LaHawk filing for free agency, Miguel Tejada and Aaron Boone joined him in filing those papers.

Now McTaggart tells us that Ed Wade, when asked about Tejada, said:

"At this point, we're prepared to commit to Tommy Manzella playing shortstop. Tommy is ready to play in the big leagues, and we think Miggy is capable of playing third base. That's been discussed last year, and we didn't feel it was right to make the move at that point in time. Blum was playing well at third and did a good job and Miggy was doing well at shortstop. It didn't make sense to walk down that path last year."

Now, apparently, it makes sense. The only problem I see with this is that the Astros have already resigned Blum. And where does Chris Johnson fit in this? Another season at The Rock?


OremLK said...

I guess it makes sense now because they feel Manzella is now ready to hit at the big league level, whereas he wasn't (necessarily) last season?

I suppose if they re-sign Tejada--or grab another free agent third baseman--Blum will go back to the bench where he belongs. Fine by me. Letting Johnson get more seasoning at AAA sounds good too.

street said...

Have you seen Johnson? I know Justice sees him as the second coming, but geez... The guy is nowhere near MLB ready. I hope that changes, but for now he ain't close to the answer at 3B.