Monday, November 16, 2009

ESPN Research note on Bourn's bunting abililty

In Buster Olney's blog post this morning:

Mark Simon of ESPN Research read the item on Michael Bourn from vacation, and chimed in with an e-mail: According to Stats Inc.'s calculations, Bourn had 17 bunt hits, second most in the majors. But they came in 67 bunt attempts (which they define as: "Any time a bunt is put in play or is fouled off for a third strike in a non-sacrifice situation."). Bourn's 67 bunt attempts ranked second in MLB to Emilio Bonifacio's 73. So Bourn's bunting batting average was .254. That's an interesting contrast to the leader in bunt hits -- Willy Aybar, who was 18 for 51 (.353 bunting batting average).