Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ed Wade speaks!

In a brief interview with Brian McTaggart, we learn:

-The GM Meetings are a chance to basically set up the big moves coming next month in Indianapolis

"We've had meetings all day today and also had the opportunity to sit and talk to other clubs, just trying to assess each other's needs and whether there will be future discussions to be had down the road with regard to trades. It's been pretty much routine at this point."

-There is a rough estimate of what the 2010 payroll is, but he's just been so busy.

"We'll have some more internal meetings when we're all in the same city at the same time. With the manager search, the trip to the [Arizona] Fall League and this trip, we've had little chance to sit down and have those discussions. We have a pretty fair idea at this point in time and we'll bring it into greater clarity in the next week or so."

-"Impact" is a subjective adjective.

"The definition of impact player, I struggle with that. We're going to do what we can to try to improve the ballclub. Without playing labels or trying to fit guys into categories, I think if there's an opportunity to do something from a standpoint of free agency or trade, we'll try to make the best decisions."


OremLK said...

So while other teams are picking up Akinori Iwamura and J.J. Hardy, Wade is thinking about his options?

J.J. Hardy could have been had on the cheap and certainly we could have outbid what the Twins wound up paying for him.

It hurts to lose these kinds of opportunities. I hope they plan to be proactive on the market and really let it be known what they're looking for and what they're willing to give up.

The Constable. said...

Right. I feel like there was an unspoken close to his last quote that should read something like, "Of course, if we have the opportunity to not do anything, and just let guys get a year older, then we'll certainly take advantage of that opportunity."