Friday, November 13, 2009

Astros finally get some love on a free agent list

Captip to The Crawfish Boxes for getting to this one first. SI's Ben Reiter ranks his Top 50 free agents, with a prediction as to where they'll end up.

Of note for Astros fans:

Jose Valverde: Phillies
Miguel Tejada: A's

#23 - Justin Duchscherer: Astros
A versatile pitcher who made the All-Star Game as a reliever in '05 and a starter in '08, Duchscherer did not play at all last season due to right elbow surgery, and then underwent treatment for clinical depression. But he went 10-8 with a 2.54 ERA in 2008, and those numbers will look inviting indeed to a number of pitching-starved teams out there, such as the Astros.

#40 - Fernando Rodney: Astros
Despite his inordinately high ERA and WHIP, Rodney somehow managed to convert 37 of his 38 save opportunities in '09. He appears to pitch better with a save on the line. The Astros, who will likely lose Jose Valverde, will need a closer, and Rodney's stuff should play better in the NL than in the AL.

What say you, Crawfish Boxes?

I like Duchscherer and agree that he would be a good fit here in Houston. He would come at a discounted rate based on his missed 2009 season, and doesn't walk a ton of batters, nor give up an inordinate amount of fly balls. His last name would be fun to say on a consistent basis, as well.

Absolutely true. Duke-Shur. Repeat. Duke-Shur.


Kevin said...

Didn't Duchscherer's uncle, father or some relative play in the Astros org?

Kevin said...

Per player profile...

"his uncle, Baxter McAlister, played minor league baseball in the Houston Astros organization"

Slightly, almost interesting.

The Constable. said...

The most interesting thing about it as that he had an uncle named "Baxter McAlister."