Friday, November 13, 2009

Astros finally get some love on a free agent list

Captip to The Crawfish Boxes for getting to this one first. SI's Ben Reiter ranks his Top 50 free agents, with a prediction as to where they'll end up.

Of note for Astros fans:

Jose Valverde: Phillies
Miguel Tejada: A's

#23 - Justin Duchscherer: Astros
A versatile pitcher who made the All-Star Game as a reliever in '05 and a starter in '08, Duchscherer did not play at all last season due to right elbow surgery, and then underwent treatment for clinical depression. But he went 10-8 with a 2.54 ERA in 2008, and those numbers will look inviting indeed to a number of pitching-starved teams out there, such as the Astros.

#40 - Fernando Rodney: Astros
Despite his inordinately high ERA and WHIP, Rodney somehow managed to convert 37 of his 38 save opportunities in '09. He appears to pitch better with a save on the line. The Astros, who will likely lose Jose Valverde, will need a closer, and Rodney's stuff should play better in the NL than in the AL.

What say you, Crawfish Boxes?

I like Duchscherer and agree that he would be a good fit here in Houston. He would come at a discounted rate based on his missed 2009 season, and doesn't walk a ton of batters, nor give up an inordinate amount of fly balls. His last name would be fun to say on a consistent basis, as well.

Absolutely true. Duke-Shur. Repeat. Duke-Shur.