Monday, October 26, 2009

Wade, on Bourgeois' signing

Ed Wade had some things to say to Brian McTaggart on the future of Jason Bourgeois in Houston (who, because of his waiver status, was added to the 39-man roster, as we do it in Houston):

"We like his speed and versatility. We like the fact he plays multiple positions, and more than anything, we like his speed."

Let's just stop there. That is copied and pasted from McTaggart's article. Ed Wade said the same sentence, in reverse order, consecutively. In case you have a deficiency in context clues, Bourgeois is: (1) versatile and (2) fast. Some say he's (1) quick and (2) plays a lot of positions. Got that? Let's continue:

The feedback we got is he has a good make up and has an option remaining, so he provides us some roster flexibility as well. I would see him in our situation battling for an outfield slot."

McTaggart did mention that some see him playing at 2B. Nevertheless, this probably isn't good news for Jason Michaels or Darin Erstad. Of course, 2B is handled by Matsui and, hopefully, Maysonet. Keppinger, sometimes. Most likely, though, he's headed to Spring Training and ultimately Round Rock. Because the Astros don't have the best track record of rewarding a good Spring with a 25-man roster spot (see: Scott, Luke; Abercrombie, Reggie).

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