Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Justice brings his weekly heat

I'm a Richard Justice fan. I know there are many AC readers who aren't, and that's fine. I can certainly understand and appreciate that. And I know all the reasons why I shouldn't like him. But I do.

In his blog post this morning, Justice has the following nuggets:

Drayton seems to be sliding farther and farther from reality almost everytime he opens his mouth...

...Baseball's worst franchise? Yes, that's where the Astros are at this point in their history. No other franchise combines such a perfect storm of bad. The Astros are bad at the big league level. They're bad at the minor league level. They're financially trapped as well. They've got too much money wrapped up in too few aging players, and their owner is going to lower the payroll...

...Incidentally, anyone that tries to tell you this mess should be laid at the feet of Tal Smith and Ed Wade either is clueless or has an agenda.