Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Response on Twitter

In a series of tweets by Alyson Footer and Brian McTaggart, we have some preliminary response from the Astros themselves:

Dave Clark, who will apparently remain 3rd base coach in 2010:
I'm going to give this guy every ounce of energy to make this ballclub better. Classy.

Lance Berkman:
He’s kind of an unknown to me, but I’m looking forward to getting to know him. I’ve heard great things.

Tim Bogar:
Brad is going to be everything everyone is looking for in a manager.

Hunter Pence:
I’m excited to look at the next chapter of the Astros and our season and hopefully we get moving in right direction

ESPN.com's Amy K. Nelson:
When I spoke to Mills on day after the Red Sox were eliminated, you could tell how excited he was for the chance to manage. Good for him.

Terry Francona:
Millsy embodies so much of what is good in baseball. For him to get an opportunity, it sure is exciting for all of us.

One of Alyson Footer's Red Sox Writer friends:
(He's) probably most organized coach I've ever been around. Had every day of Spring Training plotted out weeks in advance of camp. Big help to Francona on bench helping pitchers with pick off moves, aligning the defense."

Alyson Footer:
If they have someone who can align the defense they're already light years better off than they were in 2009. Light years.

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