Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bogar, on Mills

Brian McTaggart has some Boston reaction to the hiring of Brad Mills, from candidate Tim Bogar:

"He's put in his time and diligence in being a bench coach for [Francona] for a long time and learned quite a bit from him and also his time with the Expos and all the way back to Philly. If there's one guy who deserves a chance to run a team, it's Brad Mills. Having a chance to run the Astros is going to be perfect for him. Not only is he a capable manager, but also one of the best teachers I've been around.

"With the situation on the left side of the infield and the catching situation [and playing youngsters], he's going to be perfect for those young players. Being in Boston and being round veteran players, he knows how to handle them and knows how to do things to compete and he obviously understands the pitching aspect of it.

"I think they made a great hire, and Brad is going to be everything everyone is looking for as a manager. He may not be a huge name, but you can't ask for a better quality individual."