Monday, October 5, 2009

Recap - Men Among Goats

Something Astros County tried with regularity was a Man of the Match and a Goat of the Game feature at the end of each recap (and there were probably ten games all season that didn't receive this).

Today I'll be deleting the full list, but it's worth noting that...

-Lance Berkman led the team with 15 MatchMan awards (Wandy and Tejada had 14 each, Carlos Lee had 10)
-Berkman tied with Tejada for 9 Goats - tops on the team.

That pretty much sums up the season, don't you think? The two players who were supposed to lead this team offensively also led the team in Goats. Just shows how schizophrenic this team was in 2009.

There's a full season recap coming in the next few days.

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