Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The most honest reaction is a knee-jerk reaction

Part of the Houston Chronicle's coverage (written by Jim Davis. Not JJO. Hm.) is obviously the Comments section. Which is always funny. All of these are considered sic'ed.

Don't unpack your bags. The Astros do not have a very good history of retaining managers.

I was hoping Phil would be back! Too bad...

I wonder if he minds being the second choice? It's no secret that Acta was their first choice; but turned them down.
Garner should have never been fired. As much as I would have liked to see him rehired, that would mean Uncle Drayton had to admit making a mistake in the first place - like THAT would ever happen!

Drayton sucks! Phil Garner was the best choice and the fan favorite... Good job Astros Mismanagement! Setting another up for failure!

Stupid decision by a stupid organization. We fired an inexperienced manager to replace him with another inexperienced manager. GREAT MOVE on picking the inexperienced manager over the ONLY MANAGER that was able to get his team to win a PLAYOFF SERIES, and the ONLY MANAGER to get you the WORLD SERIES. Looks like this organization is headed in the right direction! (Caps obviously not mine)

WHO???????????? must have chose him for his signability. ( he is cheap ). Move the Team to Temple Drayton. you are loosing your fan base hear, fast.