Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Astros hire Mills

While I was busy screwing around with Tanner Bushue's stats, the Astros have hired Brad Mills as the new manager of the Houston Astros.

Mills managed 11 seasons in the Minor Leagues with the Chicago Cubs (1987-92), Colorado Rockies (1993-96) and Los Angeles Dodgers (2002), moving into managing immediately upon the completion of his playing career. He's coached 11 years at the Major League level, including the last six as Boston's bench coach.

And while we're at it, let's welcome the national media to the Houston Astros. Normally, they don't pay attention unless Miguel Tejada has been indicted or Roger Clemens is found with a syringe in his caboose. Hiring someone from Boston is the other way to get some national play.

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jphelps said...

Not the sexy pick, I like it though. He seems to have good experience. I mean, could it get any worse than what we had the last two years? I submit that it cannot. Now, try getting Rocket to be the pitching coach ( h/t R. Justice).