Friday, October 2, 2009

Lee out with sore wrist, should be back today

There is almost nothing of value in today's Notes column, but we can learn something. And we can laugh at something else. Verdict? Valid.

Carlos Lee was out for just the second time this season with a sore wrist. Lee:
“It's just a day off so I can rest my hand. The wrist is a little sore and it hurts when I swing and miss. At times if I miss, it hurts a little. But I've played with it like this and managed to go out there and keep at it for over a month. I think today was a good day to be off so I can finish the season strong in New York.”
And in one of the silliest quotes you'll see (really, it's up there with "It doesn't feel pretty good," and "Hump up."), from Dave Clark, on walking the warning track of a new ballpar - like CitiField:
I wanted to make sure that I walked the warning track to see if there's anything that's different or whatever about their ballpark and how the ball is coming off the wall and stuff like that and the ricochet and all that. It's just very important. And Al (Pedrique, the new third base coach) does the same thing. He's asking those same questions. It's very informative information that we get from that.”

As opposed to uninformative information. Which is exactly what this Notes column was.