Friday, February 20, 2009

Apparently Doug Brocail goes through career-threatening pain in his shoulder every February

I tore a muscle in my hip a year and a half ago, and it bothers me pretty much when I sit, stand or walk. But the pain Doug Brocail feels? That burning? That's just February talking:

"I get it every year," Brocail said. "It's just that I got it later than normal. Usually I get it about the second weekend of January. And this year, I got it the first week of February. Usually it takes about 2 ½ or three weeks to get rid of and I'm always done with it by spring training."

And then, one of the greatest quotes (in keeping with the juvenile vein of balls and fingers) of the Spring:

"It's starting to go away so I decided I didn't want to get out there and face hitters and get to the point where somebody racked one back at my face and me get a little pissed off and throw one and hump up and get in a bad arm position and slot."

You better believe if you can use "hump up" in a complete sentence, you'll get a +1.

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