Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Justice now decides to ruin Garner's chances

Why? Because he already knows him. And meeting people is hard. So, dropping Jim Fregosi like 3rd period French, Justice picks Phil Garner as the next manager, which effectively ends his chance at actually getting the job.

Some nuggets (but it's a long article):

Was he the most strategically sound manager who ever walked into the room? No. But the more I've been around this stuff, the more convinced I am that the people side of the job is more important than the strategy side. If you get a guy who's smart and good with people, the rest of the stuff will take care of itself. Better still, Gar understands the Astros. He knows why the draft picks didn't get signed and why Willy Taveras got traded. And he knows the situation isn't perfect.

But Phil Garner is the best manager the Astros have ever had, and if he's willing to saddle up for another ride, I say we welcome him back.