Sunday, October 25, 2009

JJO plans to turn the whole system on its head

JJO's blog post today promises retribution, plague, war, rage, and famine. Once the Astros hire a manager, that is.

The farm system is a mess, and the Astros owe the next manager a long deal to let him have the freedom to know he's not going to be blamed for the lack of talent the front office gives him. (Hey! We agree!)

Once the Astros hire a manager, I'm going to finish a story I've been working on regarding a phone interview I had with Drayton McLane regarding the fans' disappointment with the front office leadership under Tal Smith.

I can't wait for this...


Spruce said...

JJO's already bloated sense of self-importance is growing larger by the day. At least, when Justice says something like this it comes off as some kind of schtick. I actually think JJO believes his own hype, hype that he created.

That being said, BRING ON THAT ARTICLE. It sounds like a fun read.

The Constable. said...


He should get a kitschy nickname, like Zach Levine. We could call him The Hyperbolist.