Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cleveland not so sure about this Acta fellow's Terry Pluto just isn't so sure.

Here's what think of the Indians hiring Manny Acta -- I just don't know...

...They are counting on him to be an impact manager, to finish off prospects at the big-league level as Acta will have one of the majors' youngest teams coming off a 65-97 season that led to the firing of manager Eric Wedge.

After Acta was fired, some Washington players said he didn't bring enough discipline to the team. He also was known to rarely publicly criticize his players. Acta's defenders say he wanted to take some action to bring more order, but a front office in flux that led to Bowden being fired failed to support him.

Several successful managers had rocky starts to their careers, including Torre and Terry Francona. That's why it is a mistake to simply write off Acta based on what happened in Washington. Now, Acta gets another chance to manage, and the Indians are counting on him to make the most of it.

And in a separate poll, as of 6:07pm only 14% of readers say that hiring Acta is a good move. And most of them preferred Bobby Valentine. Oooh.

So what say you, Astros fan?