Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's never as important to the employer as it is to the prospectively employed

This is a fact. So with Dave Clark in Memphis, hanging out and waiting for a call, it's going to be a couple of days before the process gets started.

Easy Eddie says he is going to start making contact with potential candidates by the end of the week. Drayton, Tal, and Ed "may meet" on Thursday to put together a preliminary list, this is less preliminarier than the preliminary list they've been working up for a couple of weeks now.

"We're going to meet internally late in the week, probably Thursday and Friday, and review the list of candidates and begin the process of making contact. At this point in time, we've barely scratched the surface. Everybody needs to be in the same room at the same time to talk about who will be involved in the actual interview process from our end."

"Instead of picking a manager out of the air, we're going to see what the Houston Astros need."

Is that how it went with Coop? Personally, I think Superman would be a fine manager. When Matsui grounds into a double play, he can fly around the world backwards and turn back time.

Continue, Drayton:
"It could be probably six weeks or more. You've got a lot of people tied up in the postseason. If one of the candidates involved is with the team in the postseason, you really can't approach them at this time. So you have to be careful with the process. There's no rush. We want to find the best possible manger...

...I think there will be a lot of good candidates. Houston is one of the best five or six teams in baseball, the fourth-biggest city in baseball and has some of the best attendance in baseball. I feel there will be strong candidates because we're a major city and have one of the best baseball fields. Our organization, in the 17 years I've owned the team, has the fifth-best record in all of baseball."

Always be selling.

And the coaching staff, Wade? He apparently spoke to them in New York to let them know where they stand.
"I hope to bring some clarity to that picture sooner rather than later, this week or next week. In some cases, we're going to have to wait to fill some spots until after the manager is in place. In fairness to the guys that have been here, we felt it appropriate to have some type of conversation with them."