Friday, October 2, 2009

Drayton's net worth

Beneath the customary veneer of Richard Justice's sarcasm, we see a few things about Drayton and the For Sale sign sitting on the Train Tracks.

Now something has come to my attention that might explain why Drayton might be reconsidering whether he wants to own the Astros. I'll just be blunt. Drayton may need money. Forbes is out with its list of the richest Americans, and there was a tough truth in there for Drayton M. McLane Jr. His estimated net worth has declined from $1.6 billion on the 2008 list to $1.45 billion on the 2009 list. At this rate, he'll be broke by 2054. He has actually risen in the rankings, going from 301 to 272, but I'm sure that's no comfort to a bottom-line man like Drayton.

The Forbes article is here.

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