Friday, October 9, 2009

Detective Mark Miller, on the case

Yahoo's Mark Miller has some deductive reasoning to drop on us.

Bob Brenly, whom you may have seen in the TBS broadcast booth over the last few days (Personally, I have the game on the tv on mute, and have ESPN radio doing the audio), is reported to have talked to Team X about their managerial position.

Is it Houston? Probably not, because Easy Eddie told us he wouldn't start contacting people until today.

Miller says Team X is most likely Washington. And the story in which he cites backs that up.

"I did have a conversation with (GM Mike Rizzo) when the Nationals were in Wrigley Field this year, and at that point it was way too premature. At that point he couldn't say exactly what they were going to do. I always enjoy talking to baseball people, and if I get an opportunity to go for interviews, sure (I will)."

In this post, Miller thrashes us:
Who wouldn't want to take over a team that ended up 17 games out of first and was only saved from being a last-place team by the existence of the Pittsburgh Pirates in its division?


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