Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Who knows what we'll get from Roy?

Notes about a couple of injured players:

Roy: I said that there was no structural damage in an MRI on Roy's back on Friday. That's not totally accurate. He has disc degeneration and a slight bulge on his L5 vertebrae, but will still try to pitch.

“I'm (going to) pitch. I'm either going to go or not go. I've been pitching with this the last three starts. The last start I lasted two innings and I got shelled. I didn't feel any different.”
Valverde was sequestered from his teammates after contracting a virus that gave him a sore throat and a fever.

“I feel a little bit better. The medicine is working a bit. We'll wait to see how I feel (today). If I feel better, I'll go to Cincinnati (for the second game). If not we'll see what happens."

Ed Wade:
“He reported to the clubhouse feeling poorly (Sunday), was running a fever over 100 (degrees). (Trainer) Nate (Lucero) sequestered him and kept him away from the other players.”