Sunday, September 20, 2009

Richard Justice says some interesting things

In this morning's column Richard Justice says some alarming things. Keep in mind, this is Richard Justice, and not Ed Wade, but still:

-The Astros may explore the possibility of Matsui returning to Japan. It won't help the contract situation, but it will give us Edwin Maysonet at 2B for $5.9 million, and if he can hit .280 over a season, I'm happy with that.

-Drayton McLane would prefer for Berkman and Oswalt to finish their careers in Houston. I'm all for that, too, but first I'd want to talk to them and check their attitude. It's troubling that both have talked about how they're looking forward to retirement. When I hear that kind of talk, it tells me they've lost their love of the game.

-Tal Smith called T.J. Steele "the best five-tool player since Cesar Cedeno."

The Astros need a blueprint for 2010 that includes a restatement of values. Pitching. Defense. Effort. If Lee and Berkman can't bring themselves to run hard to first base four times a night, then they go sit on the bench and watch someone else play.

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