Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh yeah, Coop does have a contract next year

...Because of the short-sighted decision to exercise his option 15 minutes after the season began. Anyhow, Coop reminded everybody of that when asked about how he feels about the complete re-evaluation of the organization:

“I know I have a contract through 2010, and my plan is to fulfill that and let the management decide what they want to do. That's basically their decision. I think ownership has said that he was going to look at everything and evaluate it when it's over. I take Drayton at his word; that's what he's going to do.”
Johnson's letting the Jimmy Legs get him a little bit in his first big-league action this month. Johnson:
"I feel all right; I've just got to relax. That's one of the biggest things for me is just learning how to relax when I'm up there.”

“I think he's kind of feeling his way a little bit. It looks like he might be a little jittery and not quite sure, maybe, of the zone. That will happen with a young hitter. He's going to be thinking about (his) hands, (his) feet and ‘ooh, this guy's on the mound' — that kind of stuff. He's got to just relax and go play the game and let the talent take him.”
The Astros aren't happy that Towles hasn't had another 7-RBI game, or that he isn't hitting .990 this time around. Coop:
“We saw some good things out of J.R. a couple years ago when he was here in September, and we have yet to see that since then.I just think he needs to play a little more consistently, so he can show some of that and maybe get his feet on the ground.”

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