Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Recap for G146 - Astros @ Reds

This couldn't have gone more poorly, no? The Astros were swept by the Reds, in what once was a home away from home, 5-4

Let's do the thing:

Bazardo: 5IP, 7H/4ER, 2K:2BB, 14/24 first-pitch strikes, 18/58 non-contact strikes (13 called:5 swinging)
Lopez: 1IP, 2H/1ER, 1K, 3/5 FPS, 6/16 NCS (3c:3s)
Wright: 0IP, 2H/1ER, 1/2 FPS, 1/4 NCS (1c), 1L
Fulchino: 2IP, 6K:1BB, 6/7 FPS, 17/20 NCS (8c:9s)

Dude. Fulchino? Lights out. 20 of his 31 pitches were for strikes, and 17 of those were non-contact strikes. He struck out all six batters he faced.

Once again, the Astros had the lead twice, and squandered it, twice. 1-6 in the lineup went 10x25, and hit five home runs in a game for the first time since Game 2 - and they lost both games. J.R. Towles got the start behind the plate, presumably to keep the Express connection alive. Keppinger was the champ, going 3x4 with two runs and two RBI. Pence rebounded with a 2x5 night, and the Rough Game award goes to Tommy Manzella, who in his first career start, went 0x3 with 3Ks. Kaz Matsui had another homer, his second in two games (the first time he's had homers in consecutive games since Aug 1-2, 2008 vs NY Mets, and the third time in his career).

Pitch Count Hero: Kaz and Pence - 23 pitches in 5 PAs

Pitch Count Punk: Tommy Manzella - 10 pitches in 3 PAs (0x3, 3Ks)

Man of the Match: Jeff Keppinger. Gets back at his old team with 2 HRs/RBIs and a 3x4 night.

Goat of the Game: I just can't bring myself to give it to Manzella, in his first start. So it goes to Wesley Wright - who retired nobody and took the loss.