Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Recap for G132 - Astros @ Cubs

Make that 21IP. Randy Wells has thrown 21IP against Houston this season without allowing an earned run, and the defense sunk the Astros in a 4-1 loss to the Cubs at Miller Park South. Let's do the thing:

Moehler: 5.1IP, 6H/1ER (3 total), 2K:0BB, 17/23 first-pitch strikes, 21/52 non-contact strikes (19 called:2 swinging)
Gervacio: 0.2IP, 2K, 2/2 FPS, 5/7 NCS (1c:4s)
Fulchino: 2IP, 2H/1ER, 1K:2BB, 6/9 FPS, 8/18 NCS (3c:5s)

I have no idea why Moehler was pulled. Ramirez was on first, Lee was on third (after Pence's error), and Moehler had struck out Fukudome. With Soriano up, Coop pulled Moehler after 80 pitches. Soriano, who was due up, was 1x2 with a single on the night coming into that at-bat, and while Moehler had allowed two singles in the 6th, he had retired eight of eleven batters (I'm counting Cubs who reached on errors as being "retired.") after giving up the homer to Milton Grouchy. Nevertheless, Gervacio came in and finished the inning, and his ERA now sits at a nice round 1.00.

Offensively...they had their chances. The Astros had a runner on base in eight innings, and even got the leadoff man on in five innings. To no avail. None of them scored. Michael Bourn got three hits, and Miguel Tejada took him off the basepaths and ended the inning, respectively, grounding out in the first inning (though, to be fair, moving Bourn over to third in the process). Blum had two hits, and Pence, Matsui, and Coste contributed the other three hits. Meaning the Astros had eight hits, and one run. Even worse, Houston was 0x7 with RISP. The Law Offices of Tejada, Berkman, and Lee were a combined 0x11.

Pitch Count Hero: Carlos Lee - 19 pitches in 4 PAs (0x4)
Pitch Count Punk: Michael Bourn (3x4) and Kaz Matsui (1x4) - 13 pitches in 4 PAs

Man of the Match: I'm giving this one to Moehler, because he deserved to at least finish the inning. Getting pulled after 5.1IP and 80 pitches was silly.

Goat of the Game: Pence is certainly deserving of the goat with the defensive error, but he got on base twice. So it goes to Miguel Tejada. He did draw a walk in the top of the 8th, and the line-out double play wasn't completely his fault. But he had Bourn on base three times in front of him three times, and was only able to move him over on a groundout once.