Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Call up clues

In JJO's Notes column, we get some updates (which, I suppose, is the purpose of doing it):

Coop, on more call-ups:
“There might be one name or two on Friday and the others will come after they finish (the minor league season). We're not going to bring the whole house. It's going to be limited. I think if we were a younger team, we might see a lot of guys.”
Depending on how this stint goes off the DL, Brocail may try to come back next season, or he may retire:
“We'll see how it goes. Hopefully everything is better and I'll finish out the year and see if I'll retire or have another chance to come back. … Well, it's definitely pride. I don't know if it's important because they have guys they have to look at for next year.”
Wright, who was not required to throw until his body ran out of electrolytes (unlike his last visit to Wrigley):
"My shoulder feels great. I'm back to pretty much full strength. It's just now getting my arm back to where it was before as far as game shape and everything like that. I'm close to being back to where I was before the injury.”

Coop, on Wright:
“I’m going to do my best to try to stay away from (long relief) this time around for (Wright). That’s what really got him, I think, the last time, a couple three-inning stints.

Let's give him a hand for leaving the park on the team bus, and not an ambulance. But here's an idea, how about we bring up some more of the Round Rock pitchers (Muecke, Daigle) so that Coop won't be forced to rely on one reliever to pitch three innings?
Dewey, on what the heck they're doing with Norris:
“He's going to throw a light pen (today) and see how that feels. If that goes OK, he'll throw a little more intensive one on Friday to see where he's at. We don't think at this point he's going to miss a start, but we can juggle some things so he gets two or three extra days because of the off day and keeping Wandy and Roy on five days.”
And Alberto Arias and his jacked-up hammy played catch (though not with each other) for the first time since going on the DL.
And finally, consider today an audition for Paulino: 2010. What does he need to do? Let's ask Coop:
“Hopefully he’s kind of settled in and he’s got some consistency with his fastball down in the zone. I thought last outing that he had with the relief appearance he was down in the strike zone, really good with his fastball. He actually did throw some pretty good breaking balls. If I could see that on a pretty consistent basis (today) that would be pretty good.”