Friday, September 25, 2009

Person Familiar With Astros Plans speaks up

Jon Heyman's column today has some news for Astros fans, after scaring the bejeezus out of us by announcing the Cardinals will try to lock up both Holliday and Pujols this off-season.

ANYway, on the managerial search:
A person familiar with the Astros' plans says they will interview Manny Acta for their managerial opening. But if the Houston Chronicle's candidate list has any legs, he'll have plenty of company. It's a veritable potpourri of former Astros stars and current Astros coaches and decision-makers.

Always nice when the national media questions the validity of the local media.

Heyman first lists Jim Fregosi, but intriguingly enough, Barry Axelrod - Bagwell and Biggio's agent - declined to comment until "real contact" was made by the Astros.

And then, out of absolutely nowhere:
The other possibility, and it's probably a long shot (though the possibility has been rumored), would be to hope La Russa and Duncan bolt the Cardinals and they can steal that vaunted tandem from the best team in the NL Central. That would be a coup, as it's hard to imagine La Russa ditching a great situation in St. Louis for a team with troubles.

This would rock the very foundations of my soul. Thoughts?


lnewcomer said...

I wouldn't mind seeing the Cards commit nearly $50M to two players. Holliday is having his Beltran year and will be overpaid soon.

Heyman's just pulling stuff out of thin air wrt LaDunc. I'd have a hard time rooting for a team with that cranky old bird for a manager.

The Constable. said...

Totally agree. It would be fun to see the Cardinals take on two ridiculously huge contracts (one of them justified, and it ain't Holliday).

It would take me two years to get used to the idea of seeing LaRussa in an Astros uniform. Every time I saw him in the dugout - until that time was reached - he would remind me of Bobby Valentine with the nose and glasses.

Kevin said...

No way La Russa comes here. He has it made in STL and if they sign Pujols and Holliday to extensions he (and Duncan) would be crazy to leave.
Can you imagine the amount of opposing scouting knowledge on the astros they would bring with them.