Friday, September 25, 2009

Eeyore thanks you for noticing

John Royal (now known as Eeyore), of the Houston Press, talks managerial candidates:

If you're like me, you're just dreading this Astros off-season because you know, just like I know, that Drayton McLane is going to make nothing but bad decisions. The worst decision to be made will probably involve the manager position where the favorites for the job appear to be Jim Fregosi -- an old guy who is a pal of Ed Wade and is awful with young players -- and Dave Clark who so far, as interim manager, has not impressed.

So far, as in, "three games against the eventual division champions in which the Astros went 1-2."

Eeyore speculates that Nolan Ryan probably will not be a part of the new Rangers ownership group, so it's possible he'll return.

Your closing lines:
McLane might also want to talk to people involved with the Florida Marlins and Minnesota Twins, both teams that, despite small-market status and low payrolls, seem to find a way to compete every year.

But who am I kidding? None of that is going to happen. Not while Drayton McLane is in charge.