Monday, September 14, 2009


News for this week, as there are some questions about the rotation:

On Roy making his next start tomorrow, Coop:
“He's going to go on Tuesday. We'll have a backup plan, but that's the day he's going to go.

"I'll see if I can start Tuesday. I'll try."
And now the plan is to hold the starters back a little bit down the stretch, to protect them for 2010. Coop:
"It's the first time (Brian) Moehler's gone this far in a long, long time. He might hit the wall a little sooner. Roy is a little on the injured side, so you've got to watch him. You've got to watch Bud. And (Felipe) Paulino didn't pitch last year. So everybody gets monitored a little bit. I doubt anybody goes deep in the game unless they're at 70 pitches in the ninth inning or eighth inning."

Hang on, so the plan the whole year wasn't to let starters only pitch five innings?
And we may actually get to see Manzella start at short this week!