Monday, September 28, 2009

Matsui out sick, Arias rehabbing, Hampton stops by

So it seems as though Kaz Matsui with Tebow-like Symptoms, a side effect of which is the random breaking down of Erin Andrews.

Dave Clark:
“I took Kaz out of the lineup today. He's feeling a little lightheaded. He hasn't been eating regular as of late.”

“I should be OK tomorrow. It's tough to explain, but I'm just a little dizzy, lightheaded. But it's not serious.”

Who else is sick, Dave Clark?
"I tell you what, we can go around the whole clubhouse and probably say that about a lot of guys. We just hope we can get over it real quick.”

Though JJO gives us a quick list: Humberto Quintero, Michael Bourn, Edwin Maysonet, Tommy Manzella and first-base coach Jose Cruz.

So to recap: Maysonet and Manzella are sick. Maysonet got the start yesterday. Clark just hates Manzella and Chris Johnson.
Alberto Arias will rehab his knee in Houston:
“I feel the recovery will be fast. Dr. (David) Lintner did a great job on my surgery, and I think I'll do my rehab here for a few weeks and then be able to pitch a few weeks of winter ball in the Dominican Republic and be ready for the start for the season.”
Mike Hampton stopped by the clubhouse, because...well...I'm not sure. Anyway, he'll be around until October 7, if you want to hang out:
“Everybody's leaving, so I wanted to stop by. I just wanted to say goodbye. I'll start my rehab here and stay here until the 7th of October.”