Monday, September 28, 2009

Fan Appreciation Day

The 10th season at Minute Maid Park was much like the first — a disappointment. For that reason, Berkman and his teammates took time to tip their caps to the loyal fans who showed up for the series and home finale.

“We haven’t given them a whole lot to cheer for. That’s been regrettable, certainly. I hope they know that we care as much about wins and losses as they do. I know sometimes they can feel like these guys just don’t care. That couldn’t be further from the truth. No matter whether we win the game or lose the game, whatever the score is I hope they feel we’re giving them a good effort...

...“I just want to tell them thanks for continuing to support us through a difficult season. The people who are still here are the ones that are really not bandwagon fans. They’re the ones that appreciate the team and the sport of baseball. And we appreciate them.”

Dave Clark:
“It means everything. Given that the economy is the way it is, too, that these people are spending their hard-earned money to come out and watch me and the ballplayers means a lot.”

“I wouldn’t trade them for any of them. They’re ready for us to move forward next year. I’m very thankful for them to be so supportive. We have the most loyal fans in baseball, and I wouldn’t trade them for anybody or any other city. I want to say just a great thank you from me and the Houston Astros. Tell them we’re going to be champions.”

Does this make you feel better?