Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Let the September call-ups begin, the Red Mist Descendeth

The Astros have made their first official call-ups and activations in this young September:

Welcome back, Doug Brocail, Wesley Wright, and Aaron Boone.

But can I share something disgusting with you? (This is normally the part where there is some hideous YouTube clip. Not here, though.)

The reaction to Aaron Boone and Doug Brocail's rejoining the team among commentators - a ridiculous term, because you don't commentate. You comment - is despicable. Anyhow, allow me to share some reaction:

From cswaff03:
Oh my gosh! I'm SO excited! We're getting back a thirdbaseman (sic) who's batted .252 over the last six seasons, a middle reliever with an ERA over 5.00 and a lefty specialist who can't get lefties out! Oh, this team just went from lousy to awesome overnight! I'm so thrilled! Can I ask again - why are they pimping all these old palyers (sic) and not giving any of the youngsters that might actually be GOOD a chance? This organization is totally lost.

Or this one:
Fast Eddie can't think of any reason to see how young guys do because hey, you can't go by September numbers (guess all they good for is rotting in AAA) and they won't have "roles" because he is gonna continue to use all the crappy Old Guys because we're gonna WIN. Oh yea, we're just in the right position to surge ahead of everyone else in the NL, uh, WC, uh, um, Reds, Pirates and Nats?

They're a little more gracious here, except for terry180, who craptastically wrote:
Dont thank Aaron for that homer. Thank the steroids.

Should we, as fans, be disappointed with this year and this team? Sure. I think we're a little spoiled by the Astros consistently running out a decent team (though that's fading a bit, lately). But we're talking about Brocail, who has been on the DL a lot this year, and hasn't thrown in the towel, continually working to get back to contribute to the club. He hasn't done much of that on the field, either, but a captip to him for at least going through some wacky rehab to try to earn his money. No one was complaining when he, at 41 last year, went 7-5 with a 3.93 ERA. So when his body acts like a 42-year old's does, someone is going to take a swipe?

And Aaron Boone? The guy had open-heart surgery, and was not going to play a role beyond providing leadership and platooning at third base. He wasn't supposed to be Brooks Robinson. So let's grumble about the decisions that have been made another time, and congratulate Brocail and Boone for acting like they want to come back and help a team that needs help out.