Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The injuries, oh Lord, the injuries

The Chronicle's Notes column today is more like the church's sick list.

"It's just the middle of my back. It's either a spasm of some kind or a tweaked muscle. After (Monday's) game, I went to lift weights. Then I got the dumbbells, and I sat down on the bench to do dumbbell benches, and I had to have Doc (Gene) Coleman come get the weights from me. I couldn't move. It kind of just locked up on me."

Lance isn't expected back (ha) until Friday at the earliest.
Out until Friday, again, at the earliest, because of right shoulder problems. Erstad had a cortisone shot on his left shoulder a few days ago.
"I still don't feel good, but they haven't told me exactly what I have. I still have a fever, but it's not as bad as it was. I'll see if I can join the team in Cincinnati (today). If not, I'll go to Milwaukee (on Friday)."

He ran a fever as high as 101 on Monday.
"It's boring, very boring to be on the disabled list. Seeing situations in the game when you know you could help is tough. Now if I'm activated, the pitchers can get some rest."

He'll throw a simulated inning today in a test before becoming eligible to be activated on Friday.
Sadler, whose contract was dependent on him getting a September Call-Up if he was healthy, is now not healthy. He has shoulder capsulitis, and hasn't pitched since last Thursday.