Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A hanging slider, or hanging Lopez out?

Wilton Lopez didn't want to throw the slider.

Lopez, on the AB that gave the Phillies a 5-1 lead:
“I had dominated (Feliz) with sinkers. That’s what I had to look for because I was thinking about getting a double play because it doesn’t matter if they score a run, but at least they don’t hit a home run like when the slider stayed up."

JJO might have put Lopez in an awkward situation by letting him continue to talk, and then publishing what he said:
After loading the bases in the fourth inning Tuesday night, Wilton Lopez was willing to trade a run for two outs. He wanted to try for a double play with a sinker. Then, pitching coach Dewey Robinson visited the Citizens Bank Park mound and told him to throw a slider to Pedro Feliz.

“As they say, I’m getting started and I have to pay attention to the pitches they tell me because if I don’t obey and I throw another pitch and they hit me with the pitch they asked for them I’m making a mistake. I’m new at this. I have to keep learning like today’s start. That happened, and I have to work hard for my next outing. Whether it’s starting or in relief I have to prepare.”

So, JJO. Thanks for that. Hopefully Lopez doesn't have to avoid eye contact with Dewey for the rest of the year.