Monday, September 21, 2009

A Gift, From Astros County to You

Okay, so this Adopt-an-Astro thing went pretty well, with Greeneville's Aaron Bray defeating Corpus' Drew Locke (much to the consternation of the entire New England region) in a poll. Aaron has been a great sport about it, and I wanted to offer something to carry over through the off-season, until we do it again in 2010. I am in the process of preparing the 2nd box, which will be sent to him at his home, and you can bet there will be ballyhoo, shenanigans, and even some tomfoolery in that box.

Anyhow, after the minor-league season ended in the first week of September, Aaron went back to being a Normal Person, who goes to college (verified), jumps off of roofs into swimming pools filled with foam blocks (unverified), and eats Taco Bell at 3am (also unverified). What the heck does a professional baseball player do in the offseason? That's what Aaron will tell us throughout someone else's team being in the playoffs, throughout the Hot Stove, and going into Spring Training. It's our plan to get a "column," if you will, from Aaron every Sunday night and post it for your reading pleasure on Monday morning. If you have questions for Aaron, please send them to, and I'll pass them along. We're also planning a live chat with Aaron at some point this fall/winter.

Now may I present to you, Aaron Bray.

Hello Astros Fans, I am excited about posting on the ONLY BLOG THAT MATTERS, Astros County. For those of you that don't know me, I am Aaron Bray, the 27th round pick out of UNC-Charlotte. I am currently back at school trying to finish my degree in History. So along with going to class 5 days a week, I also work out everyday to prepare myself for spring training. I did enjoy about three weeks off before I decided to get back to work.

I'm going to talk about school since that is my question for the week. I am playing catch up and I am in the fifth week of class. With papers and tests coming up, my nights, which used to be filled with baseball practice, are now filled up with researching and studying. I am looking forward to getting this year over and graduating in December. Once that is over I am looking forward to preparing for spring training and heading to Kissimmee.

Now for my question (TC Note: I'll ask Aaron a question each week, which he will answer. Please continue.)

What's been the reaction of your classmates as you return from your first season as a professional baseball player? How much of a rockstar are you on campus?

Well, I haven't drawn any attention in class, which is a good thing. Not that I would BIG LEAGUE my fellow classmates, I just like to be low key. I go to class, take notes, just like all the other students. Most of them see me as a student, and not as a pro baseball player. Some classmates that had asked me where I had been gone, I gave them the answer of "I was busy playing baseball, I got drafted by the Houston Astros." Then I would be asked why I am not in Houston. That's as far as most conversations went. A lot of people did not understand the whole working your way up through the organization.

Once again I would like to thank you all of you for your support. I am looking forward to going to Houston this coming weekend to see the Astros play on Saturday and Sunday.

Come out and make a meaningless September game meaningful by welcoming Aaron Bray to Minute Maid Park!