Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chat Wrap with Ed Wade

Earlier this afternoon, Ed Wade and Richard Justice participated in a live chat. Some highlights:

On the plans for adding personnel in the off-season:
Our preference is to fold as many young players into our mix as we possibly can. We'll be as resourceful as possible to improve the club. I don't want to have the oldest opening day roster again.

On Miggs' return in 2010:
I love Miggy and what he brings to a club. We still have to sit down at season's end and determine what we will be able to accomplish with our payroll for 2010. But he's been great.

On whether Matsui is 2B1 come 2010:
I believe he will be. It's been an up-and-down season for Kaz. But he's been healthy for the past couple of months and he has played at the level that we anticipated when we signed him; his numbers aren't that different from what he put up in Colorado in 2007. That said, we will pay close attention to Keppinger, Maysonet and others.

Paulino still hasn't locked up an SP spot:
Felipe has all the weapons to be a Zambrano type pitcher in the major leagues and I told him that in a meeting last week. He needs to dedicate himself to a conditioning program this off-season and come to Kissimmee prepared to force us to hand him the baseball every fifth day for the rest of his career. He can be very good.

Whether Carlos Lee mails it in on his way to first base:
I expect him to be in better shape next year. But the reality is that Carlos is a big man and is never going to be a burner. What some perceive as lack of effort is really just a case of a really big man going as hard as he can.

Maysonet's role in the future:
I really like Edwin Maysonet's versatility and we're trying to get him some work in the outfield during BP to enhance his value.

On the Lexington Four skipping Lancaster:
Even with that happening, we still have to exhibit the patience that allows them to develop, so we're still looking years vs. months.

On a Bagwell/Biggio managerial position:
Both Craig and Jeff were huge contributors as players and they can be great contributors down the road if they choose to do so. But I don't envision either of them factoring into our managerial decision.

Wesley Wright's rotation chances:
Wesley is going to winter ball in the Domincan Republic and he'll be a starter down there...Wes wants to start and we would love to have him battling for a spot in spring training.

On Chia-Jen Lo's Astros uniform in 2010:
Glen Barker did a great job signing CJ and we expect him at the big leagues at some point, maybe even out of the gate in April '10.

On Yordany Ramirez:
This kid's defense is otherworldly. He is off our grading charts with regard to his outfield play and throwing arm. He also runs well. If the bat comes, he's a star.

On 2010 payroll:
It probably will be lower than this year's app. $107 million as a result of the economy and other factors that have impacted on the entire sports industry.

On Koby Clemens:
Koby had an absolutely incredible season at Lancaster and everyone in the organization is proud of the way he's handled himself. No, he won't make the club out of spring training. We need to find the right position for him to play. Bobby Heck has stressed letting him play first base exclusively and I think his rationale makes a lot of sense.

Matsui back at 2B. Maysonet in the outfield. Koby at 1st. What's the biggest surprise for you?

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