Friday, September 4, 2009

Bourn produces, Lidge falters, and Ed Wade fervently thanks The Sweet Lord

In the off-day profile, JJO sets his sights on the Bourn/Lidge trade.

“Both clubs clearly helped themselves in a significant manner. Philadelphia, all they need to do is rerun the tape of the parade down Broad Street to see the impact Brad Lidge made. And for us, to be able to add a top-of-the-order bat and a Gold Glove center fielder met our expectations as well.”

Coop, on Bourn:
“Michael's been playing great. I think I said this a couple months ago, he's probably the MVP of our team. He's been great. Defensively he's been great. Stealing bases, he leads the league. He's just been outstanding. This last streak, this one he (was) on has been particularly good for him.”

And Bourn drops some perspective on Philadelphia:
“They're way ahead of where we're at now. They're almost in the playoffs and we're on the back side of it and hoping for a miracle. That's not a big deal to me. It's good to have a good season going to play against them, but there are bigger things I'd rather be accomplishing than that...

...I'm happy with the way things have gone, but I want to do it when we're competing for a top spot in the division, a top spot in the wild card. That makes it more special. It's good to accomplish the things I've accomplished. It's an individual game, but it's also a team game. You want to win. And it makes everything more fun when you're winning and things are going good. It will be exciting, but I wish we were competing with them. That's what would make it even more exciting. We're going to try to give them a battle."

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