Saturday, September 26, 2009

Astros honor minor-league MVPs

So perhaps hoping to make everyone forget about how awful this season has been, the Astros honored the MVPs of Eddie's Farm: Tommy Manzella (who was in attendance, but probably had mustard on his jersey because, you know, he's not playing), Drew Locke, Koby Clemens, Brian Pellegrini, Barry Butera, Jose Altuve, Enrique Hernandez, and Hector Rodriguez.

This was funny, from writer Ben DuBose on Manzella, with a quote from Dave Clark:
Manzella, for his part, earned a September callup to the Astros, where he's had one hit in five at-bats. Penciled in by many as a potential starter for the 2010 club, he's likely to get more opportunities as the season draws to a close.

"It's an audition," interim manager Dave Clark said. "It's an opportunity to step up and give us something to build on for next year. We'd like to have somewhat of an idea going into Spring Training as to what we have."

Because nothing tells you about a player like garbage ABs with a week left in the season. That's the true barometer of a future starter.

Bobby Heck, on Koby Clemens, who will be coming to a Whataburger Field near you in 2010:
There are players that are prospects because of their God-given skill set, who separate themselves because they look different and do things different. Then there are other guys that are more grinder types, who do have a combination of tools and skills, but they just learn and go through level by level improvement, like Koby. He's on the radar."

We feel real good about what we've done so far. The credit goes to our scouts; to get 25 of the first 26 players we drafted signed within two weeks, that's huge. The important thing is that the kids are out playing, because if they're out playing they have a chance to get here sooner. It's not going to be fixed in two Drafts. As excited as we are about some players right now, some are going to break our hearts. But if we get enough depth and quality through the Draft, we'll have some surprise, as well."