Thursday, September 3, 2009

Astros County's Employees of the Year: Greeneville Branch

And as the Appalachian League drew to a close this week, it's time for Astros County to hand out some hardware of its own.

Position Player of the Year
Hard to give it to anyone but 2B Jose Altuve. He only played 45 games before going up to Tri-City, but he made them count. He had the highest average of anyone playing more than 20 games - by 40 points, and the next infielder (Our Boy Aaron Bray) by 46 points. Also led the team in hits, doubles, stolen bases, OBP, and slugging.

Honorable Mention
Jiovanni Mier. 1st round pick signed quick enough to get 51 games - and that's after missing some time after an HBP - under his belt. Hit .276/.380/484 and was second to Altuve with an .864 OPS, and led the team in RBI, total bases, homers, and triples. His 30 walks were 3rd highest on the team, and he stole ten bases.

Pitcher of the Year
Of pitchers who made 10+ starts, the only one with an ERA lower than 5.60 was Jose Cisnero. He was also one of three pitchers (not just starters) with a winning record, coming in at 4-2 in 13 starts, 3.56 ERA/1.11 WHIP, and had the most strikeouts and fewest hits allowed (among starters).

Honorable Mention
Reliever Nathan Pettus. In 15 games, posted six saves - a team-high - a 2.60 ERA/1.10 WHIP (lowest among pitchers with 10+ appearances). 18:5 K:BB ratio, as well.