Thursday, September 3, 2009

Astros County's Employees of the Year: GCL Branch

As the Gulf Coast League drew to a close this week, it's time for Astros County to hand out some hardware of its own.

Position Player of the Year
Free-swinging shortstop Luis Bryan gets the nod here. Among players with more than 100ABs, Bryan led the team with a .340/.345/.491 line. Of course, it's troubling that a player can not draw a walk in 106 ABs (20:0 K:BB ratio - Inf...), but...whatever.

Honorable Mention
Second baseman Enrique Hernandez. You could make the case that these two should be flip-flopped, and you may be right. Hernandez racked up 207 ABs and a .295/.336/.396 line (28K:10BB), and led the team in doubles, triples, and RBI. Problem is, he needed about 60 ABs more than anyone else on the team to do it, and he committed a team-high 16 errors. But never mind that.

Pitcher of the Year
Rafael Pio. In 17 games, went 1-4, but with a 3.12 ERA/0.99 WHIP. Struck out 41 batters, only walking 10 in 43.1IP (2nd highest on the team).

Honorable Mention
Mike Schurz. In 15 games, got a team-high six saves, a 2.25 ERA/1.00 WHIP. 22K:6BB.

Tough Luck Player of the Year
The Netherlands' own, shortstop Jan Baldee. In 18 games for the GCL Astros, went 1x41, but drew two walks (hey, that's two more than Bryan), for a final season line of .024/.070/.024.