Wednesday, September 9, 2009

56 wins and the praise of hundreds

That's Wes Clements, manager of the Lancaster Jet Hawks (and 1980 6th Round Astros pick), according to the local paper.

"He's helped everyone on this team with their approach to the game, constantly motivating us, trying to make us better."

Jon Gaston:
"He saw something in me back in spring training and said so, and he's kept reiterating it, pushing me to do my best."

Ricky Bennett:
"Regardless of the talent level, he's getting the most out of the players and that's what's most important. Everyone loves his approach to the game and how he relates to the young players. He hasn't disappointed anyone...

..."The progress the team made isn't reflected so much in the wins and losses," Bennett said. "We can tell the kids are getting better."

"I only had to raise my voice two times all season. I think I got the message across - show up to play, respect your opponents, respect the game - and if you get that, that's all I ask. These players are probably learning more off the field than on it. Only time will tell how far they advance."

Put him on the list.