Monday, August 10, 2009

Would the Astros take a flier on Smoltz?

I hope not, but there's some baseless speculation in this MLB article.

The Red Sox would like Smoltz to restructure a clause in his contract that allows him to make $35,000 for each day he is on the Major League roster.

The report also states it is unlikely that any NL team would be willing to take Smoltz in a trade without the Red Sox agreeing to some form of financial adjustment. The Dodgers, Cubs, Brewers and Astros are seeking pitching.

Are the Astros really seeking pitching (beyond the given that every team is always looking for pitching)? With a rotation - in effect later this week - of Oswalt, Wandy, Moehler, Hampton, Norris (and Bazardo, should Hampton not be able to go), would you want Easy Eddie to take a chance on Smoltz?