Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Who does this trade affect the most?

Obviously having the C1 position open, the speculation among Astros fans is: Who the heck starts now? You can bet that Quintero will see more time behind the plate, but who is C2? Does Towles get called up? Does Coste move behind the plate to be C2?

J.R. Towles was placed on the DL on July 26, and I don't see any mention of him having been activated from the DL, so he's out for getting called up. Brian Esposito and Lou Santangelo are both on the active roster in Round Rock. Will they get called up?

Coste started 29 games behind the plate for the Phillies before getting coming to Houston. Will he take C2?

As for the minor leaguers, the 2B/SS on Corpus' roster are:
2B - Drew Meyer. In 114 games (437 ABs), Meyer has posted a .295/.367/.400 line this season, with 70K:50BB
SS - Wladimir Sutil. Another speedy, defensive SS. In 105 games (394 ABs), Sutil is hitting .289/.368/.343, with 35K:38BB.

Here is the Lexington, the League in which Navarez spent this season, bullpen (minimum 30 appearances):

Villar: 73.2IP, 63H/21ER, 2.57 ERA/1.06 WHIP, 90K:15BB
Urckfitz: 48.1IP, 41H/14ER, 2.61 ERA/1.12 WHIP, 40K:13BB
Wabick: 69.1IP, 69H/31ER, 4.02 ERA/1.27 WHIP, 52K:19BB
Leon: 61.1IP, 77H/43ER, 6.31 ERA/1.91 WHIP, 44K:40BB

But essentially, the Astros gave up a catcher who was not producing offensively and got some help in the minors. This is the first move I can think of in years where the Astros traded in a possibility of winning now for future wins. And I'm totally in favor of it. I'm not sure what happens to your brain when you get north of Huntsville, but I love the fact - if for this reason only - that the Rangers are still in the Wild Card hunt. They actually traded two prospects for an old catcher.

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