Monday, August 24, 2009

Valverde wants to throw until his arm falls off (see: Hampton, Mike)

And Coop is happy to oblige. And apparently, Coop calls Valverde "Papi."

The Astros closer has made it clear to Houston's coaching staff he'd be just fine getting the call to the mound four, five or even six days in a row if the team is in a save situation. Although Cecil Cooper gave him a day off on Saturday, the Astros manager said he wouldn't mind giving the ball to his closer that frequently, either; after all, that would mean his club was in line to win.

"I think Papi has been as good as he has all year the last two times out. He's attacking the zone again. ... When he's like that, I'm going to run him out there every day, if he can go."

Pence, on whether or not Papi (ugh. Can't do it) has struggled:
"I don't know if he's really struggled, he's just let a few guys on base. As long as he gets out of the inning with a zero and we come out of it with a win, there really isn't anything to worry about."

I'll disagree with that statement...

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