Monday, August 31, 2009

So the Astros do have some sort of plan with Norris

So after throwing a career-high in IPs this season, The Troof will be skipped the next time through the rotation.

“Thinking about it and talking to Dewey a little bit, and we're going to talk about it some more, he could get skipped this time too,”

Dewey Robinson:
“Me being the coordinator for years, I always looked at the workload of pitchers from year to year. You try to be very conscious of that and make sure they're healthy and you're not putting them at any risk. (Norris) and Paulino, those are two of our top young arms. You want to make sure you keep them healthy. I believe (Norris) approximately had 80 (pitches). I think the year before was (103). At least last year he pitched in the Arizona Fall League. That was good because that extended his season until October. That being said, at least his season last year was an extension like it is in the major leagues.”
Oh, and Paulino is fine after getting drilled in the back of the knee by a line drive Saturday. He'll start the game on Wednesday vs the Cubs.

“It's fine. What's important is that I don't have any discomfort. I'll just prepare the same as usual. I'll try to do my job and throw strikes.”