Monday, August 31, 2009

September Call-ups

Information is slowly coming out as to who will be called up tomorrow when the rosters expand to 40.

Obviously there are 25 guys on the roster now. We already know that Aaron Boone will be activated tomorrow, and Doug Brocail, and Wesley Wright will be added to the roster, as well.

Now we find out Billy Sadler is only minor-leaguer who has been confirmed to come up to the Big Club, but it won't happen until Round Rock's season is officially over (as opposed to Theoretically Over, as it has been since about August 1.)

Why Billy Sadler? Because it's in his contract:
“A pre-condition of (Sadler) signing with us was that if he was healthy that we would bring him up in September. He's healthy. Unless something changes between now and what probably will be the end of the minor league season we'll bring him up.”

So that means there are 11 spots available to come up, and you have to be on the 40-man roster to be eligible for a September call-up. (So the Astros couldn't reward Jordan Lyles with a few weeks of chartered flights, even if Ed Wade was in the reward business, which he has made very clear he is not.) Who is on the 40-man roster, yet in the minors?

Brad James
Chris Sampson
Polin Trinidad

J.R. Towles

German Duran
Matt Kata
Tommy Manzella
Jose Vallejo

Brian Bogusevic
Yordany Ramirez

That's ten players. Enough Major League to go around for everyone. But it won't happen. I'm guessing Sampson comes up, Towles, too. I would like to see Manzella and Bogusevic, but Manzella might be more likely. I'm still not sure why Wade wouldn't want to use the September Call-Up more inclusively. At the very least it could provide a motivating factor for the minor-leaguers to keep working, and to give them some experience around established veterans. Bogusevic wouldn't want to hear from Hunter Pence? Manzella wouldn't want to talk to Tejada and see his approach to the game? I just don't get it.