Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Richard Justice has thought about this, and decided to bring the pain

This is a new level we've reached here.

Drayton McLane said something last night that came off about as insincere as anything he has ever said. He was either insincere or clueless. Either way, it's not good for the Astros. He went on and on about how the Astros didn't want to trade Pudge Rodriguez and how they made the Rangers come back to them and overwhelm them with talent.

The Astros did not get overwhelmed with talent. Second baseman Jose Vallejo hasn't hit at Triple-A, but scouts do like him. The Astros got a couple of interesting prospects, nothing more. Considering the quality of their farm system, they made out OK.

Drayton's comments made it seem like he thinks the Astros are still a contender and that Pudge can still play. Who is he kidding?

Some other notes:
1. Pudge wasn't good.
2. The Astros aren't good.
3. And probably won't be good next year.
4. Carlos Lee signed a terrible contract.
5. Miguel Tejada was a terrible trade.

And then your close:
There's an open insurrection between the players and manager. There's not enough talent to contend and not enough major league-ready kids in the system to contend anytime soon.

The first step to fixing a problem is acknowledging a problem, but only Drayton can do that.