Monday, August 31, 2009

Pump the brakes, Nolan

Captip to Street for a link following up on Justice's tweet earlier today about Nolan shifting the Rangers' Triple-A affiliate to Round Rock.

The Oklahoman's Matt Patterson:
Oklahoma and the Rangers are midway through a four-year player development contract that is set to expire in 2010. Any discussions about the team leaving before that agreement is idle speculation, said Rangers director of minor league operations John Lombardo.

"It's ridiculous. We're obligated to fulfill that agreement, and we want to fulfill it. We have no intentions of moving the team before that agreement is up, and we've had no internal discussions whatsoever about moving out of Oklahoma City. We're more than happy with Oklahoma City and have no intention of changing directions...

...From our understanding, the Astros are very happy with their relationship with Round Rock,. That would be against the rules anyway. We have an agreement, and to break it, Major League Baseball would become involved along with Houston. To my knowledge, the only time that (agreements broken) has happened is when a big-league club moves into a market that had previously had a minor league team in it.”

OKC RedHawks co-owner Scott Pruitt:
"There's no indication we've received from them at any time that they're anything but ecstatic about having their Triple-A team here. They love the accessibility to Arlington, they love the stadium and being involved in this market.”